Alison Powers Kleinert

I have never felt so SEEN as I did in my sessions with Natane. She was able to articulate my LIGHT so powerfully that looking into what was dimming it was not a scary process. I’ve never done Ayahuasca, but I heard a single trip is like a decade of therapy. That is how I would describe my work with Natane. I experienced a beautiful + spiritual purge, feeling lighter and able to embody my full authentic self in my life + in my work. I always say everyone needs a Projector in their life and I am so grateful that I have Natane in mine. She is the real deal.

Lauren Messelian

Natane listens. She commits herself to you. She sees between the lines within yourself that you often never see. She helps you pinpoint your goals as well as what sets you back, all while keeping you on point, propping you up so you can catapult forward.

Ebonee Davis

When I met Natane, I had anger from my childhood and overall mistreatment as a Black model in the fashion industry bubbling inside of me that kept me from being able to give the best version of myself to the world.

Sabrina Jetli

Natane taught me the power of awareness and integrity. Through our work together, she motivated me to dig deep and find the core of what had been shaping my life. Putting meaning behind my words and giving me the strength and courage to face my weaknesses.

Larosey Moore

Natane is able to foster a meaningful connection with each and every student while also providing women and artists access to a close-knit community. My experience with Natane has helped me become in touch with my inner voice.

Cindy Diprima

To see my children come alive is one of the greatest gifts I know. Natane sparks a light in both my kids I’d never had the privilege of seeing before.

Latte Samuels

Nothing but gratitude for Natane for genuinely seeing us and allowing us to see ourselves. A truly enlightening and challenging weekend that I’ll never forget.

Andrew Beumer

I love working with Natane because she has helped me grow in many ways as an actor. I look forward to all of the growth from working with Natane.

Dr. Jo Yi

Natane has the unique ability to focus on the details for the project, which in my opinion separates the best from the rest. Thanks to her, our organization has grown to ~35K followers within the first quarter.

Kristin Beumer

My son has been taking acting and voice lessons from Natane for almost a year now and it has been such a blessing. We are truly so grateful for her presence in our family and look forward to many more years of working with her.