As we rise to inhabit The New Earth and open the portals to higher Consciousness, it’s time to shine a light on some of the greatest thinkers, activists and leaders of these times. These are the warriors acting in the face of the mainstream narrative to give light where darkness reigns. Lightyears ahead of their time, they’ve worked tirelessly for Truth and their time is now. Challenging the status quo, partisan politics, the technocratic invasion and the farcical narratives of medicine and scientism, they invite us to rethink all we’ve been programmed to accept. For only in doing so, can we let in the light.

It is with absolute honor and humility, that I introduce you to this legion of heroes. I call them the Warriors of the Light. They are the new tribe to embrace. Let them pave the way to the Earth you are destined to inhabit.

To realize the New Earth potential, “think globally, act locally” has never rung so true. And so we meet Elizabeth Glass, the Independent write-in candidate for NY State Senate in District 27. As a longtime Bernie Sanders supporter and devotee of radical health, I struggled to find a candidate who spoke to both my political beliefs and my stand for sovereignty in health. Until I met Elizabeth. With Medical Freedom and the dangers of Five-G and other electronic pollution at the forefront of her campaign, Glass works to expose the Orwellian legislation and capitalist ploys that threaten the health and privacy of us all, from Big Pharma to Bill and Melinda Gates, who profit at our peril. A vote for Glass is a vote for sovereignty over our own bodies and the bodies of our children and grandchildren. Read on to get to know this general in the army of light. Then, put consciousness in action and vote*.

*As Glass is a write-in candidate, her name will not appear on the ballot. See question 10 below for instruction on how to elect this warrior.

Natane Boudreau: Tell us about your journey into politics. What shifted you from concerned citizen and mother to entering the race for NY State Senator? 

Elizabeth Glass: In June of 2019, the youngest two of my four children – ages 21, 19, 16, and 13 – were kicked out of school due to the repeal of the religious exemption (S2994/A2371). According to the CeeDCee schedule, children 17 and under should receive 72 doses of 16 vxxnes; the religious exemption had been the only way for parents to opt out. The result of the repeal was that 26,217+ New York State (NYS) children were kicked out of school, including children with disabilities and vaccine-injured children. There was and is a medical exemption, but it is impossible to obtain.

In addition to supporting the repeal of the religious exemption, my opponent sponsored bills to mandate the HPV vxxne as a requirement to attend school (S293b/A2912), HPV vxxne without parental knowledge or consent (S3899a/A973), and an annual flu shot for children from pre-school to high school (S227A2316). Even pro vxxne parents were up in arms.

I would host protests at all of his public events, and formed a private Facebook group to support a potential challenger: “Vote Hoylman Out.” Unfortunately, I was unable to find a volunteer.

In the fall of 2019, distraught school workers – who did not want to lose their jobs – reported to me that children were being vxxned AT school without parental knowledge or consent. Recognizing that such a thing is evil, and feeling terribly for these children, I decided to challenge this agenda.

NB: Let’s talk about the reigning powers that be: Cuomoism, the NYS Senate and Assembly. What must change?

EG: Right now, the NYS Senate and Assembly are controlled by Democrats, and Cuomo is a Democrat. This “trifecta” government would – on its surface – appear to be the problem. However, the core challenge in American politics right now is due to the Citizens United Supreme Court case: corporations can donate unlimited amounts of money to political candidates. Elected officials are no longer beholden to people, but to their corporatist puppet masters. 

Additionally, there needs to be term limits on ALL levels of government: federal, state, and local.

NB: One of your key issues is that of medical freedom. What are the threats we face from Big Pharma and the powers that monetize from their poisons? Is this part of a larger agenda?

EG: The goal of Bill Gates – as he has stated publicly – and his corporatist associates is to vxxnate the entire population of the earth. Since polls indicate that most people do not want the COV!D-19 vxxne , the clear implication is that these shots will somehow be forced.

NB: How has your opponent, Senator Hoylman, acted to support this dangerous agenda?

EG: Hoylman was the sponsor of the repeal of the religious exemption S2994/A2371, which took away New Yorkers’ right to opt out of a vxxne. He is also sponsoring bills to mandate the HPV vxxne as a requirement to attend school, HPV vxxne without parental knowledge or consent, and an annual flu shot from pre-school to high school. However, the most dangerous bill – which Hoylman voted for – is S7919, which gives Cuomo dictatorial-level power to do ANYTHING he wants to deal with COV!D, including destroying small businesses, closing schools based on any metrics he choses, implementing the “test, trace, isolate” programs, setting up checkpoints at bridges and tunnels, involuntarily quarantining citizens, and forcing medical procedures, including vxxnes.

NB: Okay, let’s cut to the chase. If we don’t act, will the COV!D vxxne be mandatory for all New Yorkers? Will it be administered in schools?

EG: NYC Schools Chancellor Carranza and Mayor de Blasio have publicly stated that the COV!D vxxne will be mandatory for children. Additionally, another school superintendent of an upstate NY school district stated in writing that it would be mandatory. While Cuomo described the detailed plan to vaccinate all 19.5 million New Yorkers – children and adults – AND he has the power to follow through on this – he has yet to state if the vxxne will be mandatory for all.

State and federal documents describe how the COV!D vxxne will be given at schools and school-based health centers. On October 18, Cuomo Cuomo released the “NYS COV!D 19 Vxxnation Program,” in which schools are described as a “Mass Vxxnation Site.” 

NB: The medical freedom movement is often linked to conservative and libertarian politics. Personally, I’m a green juice and colonics woman who values health and body sovereignty above all else. This shouldn’t define my political party or open me up to judgment from either side of the aisle. Can you speak on the importance of separating the issue of medical freedom from the party lines that so many voters adhere to?

EG: Medical freedom is a critical issue that transcends party lines. We must ask political candidates: Do you support mandatory vxxne? If the candidate says “yes,” or doesn’t answer, that candidate supports fascism.

NB: From The Gates Foundation’s virtual “Reimagine Education” to the 42,000 Five-G satellites rising as we speak to HR-6666, the bill that allows for contact tracing, this era of COV!D seems to have normalized some clear cut threats to our health, privacy and freedoms. How do we protect ourselves? And how do we wake others up to stop acquiescing?

EG: Gates Foundation “Reimagine Education”: This plan to replace in-school learning with hybrid learning is a detriment to our children. Children with disabilities have an Individualized Education Plan; IEP’s cannot be fulfilled virtually.

I support children being in school five days a week without restrictions or interference from the government, as well as parental choice in education. Taxpayers pay for five-day-a-week education, and they did not elect Bill Gates to make decisions regarding their children’s education. 

Contact tracing makes sense in the beginning of an outbreak of a disease, but now – nine months into COV!D-19 – makes little sense. Contact tracing – which involves tracking your whereabouts through your phone, and mandatory quarantines – are arguably violations of the 4th Amendment, HIPAA laws, and basic human rights.

NB: Who stands to benefit from this Brave New World, Orwellian erosion of privacy? A cashless society, the shift from real life school to virtual learning, the isolationism and fear?

EG: Prior to my campaign, I knew that corporations were greedy and that politicians were corrupt. However, I learned more of the bitter truth in March of 2020. There are certainly puppet masters controlling our leaders. However, aside from Bill Gates, I do not have proof of who those powers are. I simply refer to them as TPTB (the powers that be).

NB: So many voters recognize the importance of Medical Freedom of questioning the health and safety of Five-G but feel these issues are just too big to tackle. What are some actions we can take as individuals to combat these goliaths?

EG: In terms of medical freedom: sign up to volunteer at my campaign: glassforsenate.com, and follow my campaign on social media. Become a member and follow Children’s Health Defense. Visit the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org). Freedom Keepers maintains information on medical freedom candidates. 

Organize locally, meet with your sheriff, avoid the mainstream media, and know your Constitutional rights. 

To keep on top of the Five-Jee, check out the Facebook group Stop “FiveJee” Notice of Liability or follow @krystaltini on Instagram. 

NB: You won an impressive 34% of the votes in the Democratic primary before becoming an Independent write-in candidate. Many don’t know they have the freedom to go off the list on election day. Tell us exactly how we can vote for you. And aside from voting, where can we go to donate to your campaign? Can anyone help or only those registered in District 27?

EG: Anyone can donate or volunteer; there are links at glassforsenate.com. There are also social media links there (please follow me @glass_for_sentate, my accounts are shadow banned). If you live in, or know people who live in NYS Senatorial District 27, which includes the East Village, Greenwich Village, Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Columbus Circle, Times Square, Midtown East, or the Upper West Side, please tell them about this campaign, and that I am a “write-in” candidate. In the right hand column, to the far right of Hoylman’s name, is a place where you can fill in an oval, and write in a candidate’s name. Write in Elizabeth Glass.


Zac and I grew up through the iconic 90’s when American designers were on fire, clubs were hip-hopping with the Waifs, Jay, Puffy, the Schnabels, Di Caprio and the Ronsons. They were spell-binding times that left their mark on music and fashion. Cultural history was made. I walked Zac’s shows, modeling his collections then and up until his recent F19 campaign, artfully shot by Michael Avedon.

Zac brings his infectious smile and joie de vivre to everything he touches from his bias-cut couture dresses, to his Buddhist Kenchinjiri soup, to his home-grown heirloom tomatoes each August. Gardening is, in fact, his unsung talent, his quiet slay, and one I respect with every fiber of my being.

You see, at The Lab, true empowerment is everything. Self-sustainability, health and creation all live at our core. And so we turn to the garden. When we grow our own food, we feed our bodies and souls. From a simple package of seeds, we grow wealth. We empower and enrich our very own futures.

My own love affair with gardening is young and so I turn to Zac for some answers and inspiration. Let’s walk down the garden path with this dashing Renaissance man.

NB: We are in a time where gardening and being self-sustainable is the way to plant seeds for our future! Can you share about the empowerment that can come from growing your own food? 

ZP: Gardening and especially growing my own food feeds my soul. Growing things, whether it’s flowers or vegetables, nurtures on so many levels. It demands that you understand and respect the land and the weather. It gives you confidence in knowing where your food comes from and that it’s fresh and loaded with undiminished vitamins and nutrients. And then you can keep it and stash it away for future use: freezing, canning, drying. Of course, all of this takes a great deal of nurturing and care, which is probably what I love the most about it!

NB: How did you discover your obsession with gardening? Can you share about creating your first garden?

ZP: When I was a little boy, we started a raised bed garden on the roof of our Soho loft which meant hauling up a lot of soil. We planted in old crates and they needed daily watering because it got so hot on the black tar roof. My mom and I planted a Noah’s ark of vegetables. Some worked up there, some didn’t. But it was really fun and I learned a lot. There were other people gardening on their adjacent roofs and they became my “roof” friends. I think I still have some irises that were given to me years ago by Lynn, our Soho neighbor to the east! Later on, when my parents bought land in Pennsylvania, gardening became a huge passion with a much bigger area to plant and harvest.

NB: Everything you do stems from a deep connection to beauty, but you’re also a seasoned cook.  And so I must ask, what dominates your garden – flowers or vegetables?  And what thrills you the most to see growing in your garden?

ZP: I can’t choose one above the other! I love both. There’s nothing more inspiring than mother nature and seeing how different flowers are constructed. Did you know that there is no red-colored iris? Growing one’s own fruits and vegetables is a thrill on a whole different level. It’s kind of like having a living plant pet for the whole growing season.

NB: What advice do you have for someone just getting started, someone planting their very first garden?

ZP: Just do it! Experiment and watch carefully! And share with your friends. It takes some practice and a lot of patience. And water well. (Make sure you have a source of water and perhaps a way to catch rain water).

NB: Do you have a formula for perfect soil? Do you mix in compost or any plant foods? Do you recommend starting from seed or planting seedlings? 

ZP: It’s really about the magic combination between the weather and the earth. You can certainly improve (or as gardeners say, “amend”) the soil using compost, but every environment is different so there isn’t one rule of thumb.

I love selecting and ordering seeds from the seed catalogues which start to arrive in the mail after Christmas. This year I had success germinating seeds using a technique suggested by Nils, my brother in law. I placed seeds between 2 damp sheets of paper toweling and sealed the damp paper in a ziplock bag. I then put the baggies in a dark place and left them alone for a couple of days (peeking daily!). It was thrilling to be able to see which seeds germinated because they showed tiny little sprouts, which I then very carefully transplanted into small soil pods so that they could continue their growing journey. But to answer your question, if I’m in a garden center and spy a small, already started plant that I crave, I can’t resist and that plant gets added to the garden.

NB: If space is limited for city dwellers, what are the best crops, vegetables or flowers to grow in containers?

ZP: Container plants are wonderful. But I do think tomatoes grown on rooftops and fire escapes can sometimes have tough skin due to the heat. But if you water daily, you’ve got a good shot. Cherry tomatoes are best for this. Also strawberries work well and you can get different varieties that bear fruit at different times throughout the growing season.

NB: Who are you garden heroines/heroes? Or what gardens, farms or landscapes inspire you the most?

ZP: There are so many! I once visited Martha Stewart’s flower garden on the day when the irises and peonies were in bloom at the same time and it was truly spectacular to see her passion and vision in a beloved garden.

NB: Can you share any favorite garden resources? Seed companies, favorite tools or equipment?

ZP: Get a good garden hat to protect you against the sun. And one pet peeve of mine: I really dislike seed packs where you have to tear the whole thing open and there’s no easy way to seal it up again!  So I favor seed companies whose seeds comes in re-sealable packs, like Johnny’s Seeds.

NB: I’m sure some are eager to dive in despite the fact that summer is well underway! What seeds or seedlings can be planted in late summer for an autumn harvest?

ZP: Now that it’s so hot, you really need to wait a bit for new planting. You can try starting some Fall vegetable seeds (like spinach, brussel sprouts) indoors and wait to put out until it cools off.

NB: Can you share a favorite recipe from the garden?

ZP: Well, you know that there are plenty of my recipes in my cookbook “Cooking with Zac”  and I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite! But I recommend playing with nasturtiums which are in bloom and will continue into Fall. All parts are edible! The flowers will liven up any plate. And I just read a recipe for nasturtium leaf pesto which I’m going to try. I imagine it will be spicy like the leaves.

NB: I’d love to hear your thoughts on the healing and spiritual aspects of gardening, of growing your own food, and connecting to nature.

ZP: I know it sounds obvious but there is a real connection between our spiritual well-being and all living, growing things. And the danger in not recognizing this is readily apparent. We are learning that trees communicate with one another, so it seems clear to me that plants and people can communicate!

Connecting to nature makes for a happy and healthy life – physically, mentally and spiritually!

02: THE LITTLE LAB: Virtual Acting Camp for Kids

“There was a star danced, and under that I was born” – William Shakespeare

I’m thrilled to announce the latest offering from Natane’s Lab, a program designed for the babes in our midst, those ripe for growth, Self-expression and Magic.

The Little Lab is an eight week virtual acting summer camp for kids ages 4 through 16. In a series of 16 private sessions, we explore the art of performance through voice and body warm up, improv, paraphrase and personalization, animal work, sensory exploration and the luminous texts of William Shakespeare. We’ll cover principles of stage and screen, some specific to the trade, and others applicable to all aspects of living and being. Articulation, improvisation, confidence and self-direction are all in the mix. Expect focus and fun.

Then expect to see expansion, 3-dimensional growth, imaginations ignited and gravitation toward center stage. Magnetism lives there.


To see my children come alive is one of the greatest gifts I know. We began acting classes with Natane in the midst of quarantine, for just my daughter, a precocious 8 year old. Before the first session had ended, my son, a 10 year old with global developmental delays and severely impaired attention, had gravitated to the call. He joined the fun immediately and before I knew it, both were mesmerized, engaged in the warm ups, the exercises and eager to learn. Now Sunday doesn’t come without an eager reminder that “we have acting today,” Shakespeare rolls off their tongues and most importantly, I’ve seen them learn and adopt such vital concepts as collaboration, improvisation and an understanding of when to take center stage and when to let their fellow actors (their siblings!) shine. Natane sparks a light in both my kids I’d never had the privilege of seeing before. 

-Cindy DiPrima


01: A CALM IN THE STORM: Transcendental Meditation, Bob Roth and David Lynch Foundation

I learned Transcendental Meditation over a decade ago, and haven’t missed a single meditation ever since. Twice a day, every day. It’s the foundation that keeps me grounded and on the front lines of consciousness.

I was going through a very challenging time in my life and had tried many healing modalities but nothing relieved the angst I was going through. Serendipitously, a friend gave me the gift to learn TM with the EXTRAordinary Bob Roth. The first day I learned, it was as if I took a magic pill. All the pain and even the depression I was experiencing literally disappeared. TM has been an essential part of my life ever since. After sharing the profound benefits of this technique with so many influential people in my community, I was appointed Senior Advisor of the Fashion Industry and the Arts for David Lynch Foundation, whose mission is to eradicate the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress in at-risk populations through teaching Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Bob has taught TM for the past 45 years, having studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He serves as CEO of the David Lynch Foundation which he created with the filmmaker to bring TM to at risk adults and young people including veterans with PTSD, inner city school kids, women who suffer from domestic violence. Bob also directs the Center for Health and Wellness, bringing meditation to companies, government organizations and non-profit groups. He’s the author of Strength in Stillness, and host of the podcast Stay Calm on iHeartRadio.

NB: I’d tried many meditations before TM but I always felt other practices were difficult to stick to. What is it about TM that differs and makes it so easy and effortless?

BR: Other techniques can involve concentration or control of the mind. They have a bit of a negative attitude towards the mind—that your mind is a monkey, that it needs to be corralled, coerced, or even wrestled to the ground. The perspective of TM is completely different. Here we see the mind not as a monkey but rather in genuine search of something more. In TM we give the mind that experience of something more, our own inner quiet self, and the mind naturally goes there. And with that comes an entire constellation of neurophysiological benefits that last throughout the day.

NB: How does one learn TM and what is the daily practice?

BR: TM is always taught in person, one-to-one, from a trained TM teacher. It takes about one hour a day over four consecutive days to learn. Once you finish the course you have access to a lifetime of follow up from your teacher, or any certified TM teacher. The practice is done for 20 minutes, twice a day; once in the morning before breakfast and again sometime in the afternoon or early evening, ideally before dinner. Click here to learn.

NB: How does TM decreases stress, anxiety, depression and trauma and how does it boost your immune system? What is the science behind it?

BR: There have been more than 400 studies published in top scientific journals that show that TM produces a unique state of profound physiological rest while the mind is settled inside yet wide awake. This rest allows the body to heal itself, to reboot and re-energize itself. Research shows that TM reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 30 to 40 percent, whereas during a good night’s sleep, cortisol levels only drop about 5 to 10 percent. Also, there’s an increase in serotonin, the so-called “happiness” neurotransmitter, as well as a calming of the amygdala, the “fight or flight” center of the brain, which gets hyper-aroused during moments of intensity or trauma. All of these things combined strengthen the immune system so that we are healthier and get sick much less often.

NB: How does TM ignite one’s creativity and imagination and how does that effect productivity and decision making?

BR: The creative process involves both the ability to focus, which is the executive control network, and the ability to innovate, which is the default mode network or, as it often called, the imagination network or “genius lounge.” This is the area of the brain where nonlinear, innovative ideas bubble up to the surface. Stress and fatigue actually shut down both networks. Brain research shows TM wakes both networks so that each network functions fully within itself and also in harmony with each other. That’s the key to creativity and imagination. These networks are like brain muscles that get naturally and effortlessly exercised during TM so you can have the creative insights that can propel you along in your career but also make your personal life so much more satisfying. Without good ideas and without the focus and energy to put those ideas into practice you will stagnate—and that is a waste of life.

NB: TM has attracted such diverse walks of life from Ray Dalio, Martin Scorsese, Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, Lena Dunham, and Russell Brand to at risk populations. What is it about TM that is accessible for all?

BR: I appreciate TM because it’s so universal. It’s easy to learn, enjoyable to practice, and does not involve a lifestyle or a philosophy. There’s nothing to believe in, so right there, no one is left out. The technique is being used widely in companies, on military bases, in public and private schools all over the country, etc.—for good reason. Many studies have found that meditating students get better grades and have higher graduation rates than non-meditating controls. A recent study conducted found that meditating teenagers attending schools in the most violent neighborhoods of Chicago had 70 percent fewer arrests for violent crime than non-meditating students. And research on veterans with PTSD showed that TM was in many ways more effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD than the gold standard treatment offered by the Veterans Administration. Like diving into a pool, in TM you learn how to give the attention of the mind an inward direction and automatically your attention settles down, easily, effortlessly, and gently because deeper levels of the mind are so much calmer, more satisfying and peaceful.

NB: Well, Bobby, as you know, TM saved my life and I am forever indebted to you and The David Lynch Foundation. You are my calm in the storm, my teacher, my hero. I love you very, very much!

BR: Well, my dear wonderful Natane, the feelings are the same. You are such a deeply good, authentic, kind, beautiful and smart, smart woman. I wish you—and your amazing mom—all the absolute very best! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your newsletter!