The Little Lab

The Acting Experience is open to kids under our youth division, The Little Lab. The Little Lab is an after school acting studio school for kids ages 4 through 16. In weekly private sessions, we explore the art of performance through voice and body warm up, improv, paraphrase and personalization, animal work, sensory exploration and the luminous texts of William Shakespeare. We’ll cover principles of stage, screen, audition prep, some specific to the trade, and others applicable to all aspects of living and being. Articulation, improvisation, confidence and self-direction are all in the mix. Expect focus and fun.

Then expect to see expansion, 3-dimensional growth, imaginations ignited and gravitation toward center stage. Magnetism lives there.


The Details

  • Virtual Acting and Performance Lab
  • Ages 4 to 16
  • Private sessions of individual kids or groups of siblings, maximum 3
  • Coaching for public speaking, auditions, interviews and school presentations
  • Sessions are available Thursdays. Space is limited
  • Creative assignments to practice between sessions
  • Each completed monologue or song ends with a fully block and costumed performance
  • Servicing both typically developing and special needs children
  • Initial call will be set up with both parent(s) and kid(s) to discuss individual goals

Pricing & Schedule

  • Available on Thursdays
  • Costs $150 per session
  • Sessions are booked as a series and are payable monthly on the 1st of each month
  • All fees must be paid (and received by Labworks) in advance of any sessions or session packages, calls or services (or for in accordance with an overriding contract if applicable). Any cancelled calls due to non-payment are considered late cancellations by the Labworks client and are subject to the terms of our 48-hour cancellation policy. Invoices are due upon receipt.


Appointments missed, changed or cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled start time, will be charged in full. Change requests made prior to 48 hours are accommodated subject to availability.

Natane is available for questions via text message which she reviews and answers at Monday through Thursday 6 to 7pm throughout the duration of active enrollment in any series. Lengthier exchanges that exceed a 10 minute back-and-forth will be charged at the prorated hourly rate of $150

If a private call extends past its scheduled hour, overtime will be charged at the prorated hourly rate of $150. Subject to Natane’s availability, a client may willingly choose to extend the call and incur the overtime fee. The Lab offers a 10 minute grace period on this policy so the hourly rate sets in once the call exceeds 70 minutes. The grace period or any overtime availability is not guaranteed and is subject to Natane’s schedule and discretion.

Client requests for research, feedback and review that exist outside the normal scope of work included in the One-to-One’s can be accommodated subject to availability and will be charged at the hourly rate of $150. This includes reading scripts, drafts of books, reviewing contracts and attending meetings and auditions.

To see my children come alive is one of the greatest gifts I know. Natane sparks a light in both my kids I’d never had the privilege of seeing before.

~ Cindy Diprima

I love working with Natane because she has helped me grow in many ways as an actor. I look forward to all of the growth from working with Natane.

~ Andrew Beumer

My son has been taking acting and voice lessons from Natane for almost a year now and it has been such a blessing. We are truly so grateful for her presence in our family and look forward to many more years of working with her.

~ Kristin Beumer