02: THE LITTLE LAB: Virtual Acting Camp for Kids

“There was a star danced, and under that I was born” – William Shakespeare

I’m thrilled to announce the latest offering from Natane’s Lab, a program designed for the babes in our midst, those ripe for growth, Self-expression and Magic.

The Little Lab is an eight week virtual acting summer camp for kids ages 4 through 16. In a series of 16 private sessions, we explore the art of performance through voice and body warm up, improv, paraphrase and personalization, animal work, sensory exploration and the luminous texts of William Shakespeare. We’ll cover principles of stage and screen, some specific to the trade, and others applicable to all aspects of living and being. Articulation, improvisation, confidence and self-direction are all in the mix. Expect focus and fun.

Then expect to see expansion, 3-dimensional growth, imaginations ignited and gravitation toward center stage. Magnetism lives there.


To see my children come alive is one of the greatest gifts I know. We began acting classes with Natane in the midst of quarantine, for just my daughter, a precocious 8 year old. Before the first session had ended, my son, a 10 year old with global developmental delays and severely impaired attention, had gravitated to the call. He joined the fun immediately and before I knew it, both were mesmerized, engaged in the warm ups, the exercises and eager to learn. Now Sunday doesn’t come without an eager reminder that “we have acting today,” Shakespeare rolls off their tongues and most importantly, I’ve seen them learn and adopt such vital concepts as collaboration, improvisation and an understanding of when to take center stage and when to let their fellow actors (their siblings!) shine. Natane sparks a light in both my kids I’d never had the privilege of seeing before. 

-Cindy DiPrima